A Look Back


This is today’s comic but from 2008. I actually made it way back in 2004 but updated it to this one. As you can see the sprites are just horrible due to resizing them to 150% instead of 200%. I also remade the smurf costume to make it look more Smurfy. In the above Mega Man just looks like a really bad recolor. Thankfully I’ve learned my lesson.



Comparing Old Comics

Hey Gang,

Here’s a little nostalgic look-back at how Robot Rejects use to look like. Funny how things have changed and how much has stayed the same.


As you can tell I’ve adjusted fonts and the size ratio of the sprites. I also ended up tweaking the colors so they wouldn’t be so eye blindingly awful but still convey the hideousness of the options available at the Bargain Huts. The mirror has also gone through a transformation.

Oops I spot a slight difference from the top comic compared to the comic that got published. Post a comment if you figure it out. (There are actually 2 but one is harder to tell)

Newish/updated comic tomorrow!



And so it begins…


A long, long, time ago I was messing around on the internet when I came across the web comic Bob and George. It was unlike anything I had seen before. David Anez used Mega Man sprites to create his very own web comic. It was original, creative, and looked like something I could do myself.

I quickly found out all I could about video game sprites and sprite comics.  I read other great sprite comics like Super Adventure Quint and Crashman & Bass (as well as other webcomics like Homestar Runner,  Melonpool,  Zortic,  College Roomies from Hell, and Sinfest). Before long I was well on my way of making my own Mega Man sprite comics. That journey began May 2004.

At the time I was also working on website designs and thought I would have my own site up to start posting my comics. But life has a way of changing priorities and so all the comics got put in a folder to sit for awhile.

Four years later in 2008  I brought my comics out and gave them an update using some of my Photoshop skills. I also began work on an origin storyline using 8-bit graphics from the NES Mega Man games. Again I thought I would start up a website to post my comic but yet again I put them back in a folder to sit for awhile.

10 years has past since I created my first Mega Man sprite comic  and now I believe is the time to truly start my Robot Rejects comic strip.  I hope you get a few laughs but honestly I’m doing it simply because I enjoy making them.

The animated gifs you see here were once upon a time my idea for the title. Though not horrible they aren’t nearly as nice I would have liked them. Animated gifs and videos take up so much time. So I definitely respect all of those authors who take the time to make them.

Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Let’s see where this thing goes.

– BeN